Listen To Your Mobile Customers

geralt / Pixabay

Listening to customers is key to any thriving business, and it is especially critical for online shopping business.

Though most e-commerce companies have an established way of engaging with customers, most mobile apps barely engage with customers.

Let’s take a real world example and see how different the website experience is from that of mobile.

1. Click to Chat

Priceline Click to Chat

Priceline Click to Chat feature on website

2.  Self Service

Self Service feature on website

Priceline Self Service feature on website

3. Feedback

Apple Magic Mouse Feedback Form

Apple Magic Mouse Feedback Form

4. Reviews

Home Depot Product Review

Home Depot Product Review


All the above-stated features are missing from the mobile apps. Hence, the billion dollar question is why e-commerce companies ignore features such as customer feedback in the app.

Most of the e-commerce companies focus on delivering Minimum Viable Product (MVP), which means delivering features with the highest return on investment versus risk. Evidently, features supporting customer engagement are taking low priority. However, Feature-rich mobile apps are tough to navigate and henceforth, provide low value to end customer.

Finally, it’s a trade-off between feature set and value proposition.

It’s difficult to offer ultimate customer support without listening to customers. There are certainly, other ways to address this problem.

Customer’s voice is meant to be heard. Keep listening!